Corona measures

Our company follows the guidelines as determined by RIVM and the national government. We also take a number of extra measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Would you like to cooperate with the regulations below to protect each other's health? For all guests: if you have a fever or have a cold you will not come to our campsite. Then stay home. This also applies to your family members.

Bookings and payments
• You are welcome. If possible, book online. Of course you can also email us [] or call [0031-714014750].
• Pay online so you don't have to go to the reception for the bill.
• This spring, Corona came unexpectedly to all of us. However, now we are all aware of the threat of the virus and its possible consequences when planning a vacation. If there are major restrictions again as a result of which we cannot fulfill our part of the agreement (e.g. due to a mandatory closure or closure of the sanitary facilities), we will offer vouchers that can be used later that same season. Furthermore, our regular cancellation conditions remain in effect. In case of a negative travel advice, we will not deviate from these cancellation conditions.

• We are open from 09.00 - 17.00, we keep distance from you.
• Come with 1 person at a time.
• Two guests are allowed to be in the reception at the same time.

Sanitary building
• The sanitary building is open.
• Guest with a chemical toilet are requested to use it as much as possible.
• We ask you to avoid crowds in the sanitary building and to shower as much as possible at a quiet time.

• Open daily from 09:00 till 10:30.
• It is mandatory to use a shopping basket. The amount of baskets is geared to maximum number of visitors. 
• Come pick up your groceries alone.
• Pay as much as possible contactless or by debit card.

As a result of the stricter measures of the RIVM, De Zuidwester will remain closed for the rest of the 2020 season.

• We show you your pitch. Keep 1.5 meters away from others.
• The playground equipment is accessible, but be sensible. If it gets too busy, find another place to play with your kids.

Day visit / visit

Day visits or visits is allowed, providing the RIVM guidelines are followed.

Information provision
Make sure that your contact details are known to us. We can then quickly inform you about matters that are relevant.

These are special times and these require special measures. The safety of you and our staff is central to our regulations. The following references apply to the following RECRON General Terms and Conditions:
• Tourist guests: RECRON General Conditions Tourist Stay, Article 9 paragraph 3
• Seasonal guests: RECRON General Conditions Seasonal places, article 9 paragraph 3
• Accommodations and holiday accommodations: RECRON General Conditions for Holiday Accommodations, article 9 paragraph 1

Do you have any questions about this protocol or anything else?
Call: 0031-714014750

Public health is simply the most important thing right now. We thank you for all the support and understanding we have experienced so far and we hope that the measures can be relaxed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.